Funding & Financing

Financial Options For Students

Grants and Funding

State and city agencies as well as non-profit organizations provide funding for some students to attend our school. Each grant has different qualifying criteria. Give us a call or stop by to see if you might qualify. Some of the grants our students have qualified for:

CareerLink and WIA/WIOA: Funding for those who are unemployed and in need of training for a new career.

TAA (Trade Adjustment Act): Funding for those whose jobs have been moved overseas.

OVR: Funding for those who have been injured or suffer other physical or learning disabilities.

VA (Veterans Affairs): Certain veterans may qualify.

GI Bill®: Post 9/11 and Montgomery GI Bill® funding for veterans, their spouses, or their children.

Amazon Career Choice: We are an approved vendor for CDL training for Amazon employees.

Veterans/GI Bill®

AAA School of Trucking is officially approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs to accept the Post 9/11 GI Bill® as well as the Montgomery GI Bill® for training, testing, housing, as well as any books, uniforms, or other extras you may need. Please give us a call or stop by for a welcome packet. One of our Certifying Officials will be happy to help you through the application process.

Tuition Reimbursement

Many companies offer tuition reimbursement to new hires. Once you begin working for the company, they make monthly payments on your behalf to pay off your student loan. Many will also reimburse you for your original down payment to our school. Please meet with one of our representatives to learn more about this option.

Employer-Sponsored Funding

Some companies have tuition assistance programs, provided you are working for them already. Please speak with your HR Department or Supervisor for more details. Or, if you work for a company which hires drivers, they may agree to train you for a promotion.

In House Financing

AAA School sponsors several in-house student loan plans. What this means is that you provide a down payment to us, and then pay the rest on a monthly basis after you graduate. There are no high-interest loan companies or other middlemen involved—you work directly with us. Unlike some schools, we do not force you to pay off the loan in order to receive your CDL or diploma. We understand that you may need to go to work in order to earn the money to pay the loan!

Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, or 3rd Party Loans

Many people choose to pay their tuition up front in order to avoid paying any interest. In addition to cash, checks and money orders, we accept most major credit cards. We also can direct you to outside (third party) loan entities that specialize in CDL student personal financing, to enroll at AAA with potentially no money down. Please call us for more information.