About AAA School of Trucking

Celebrating 25+ Years of Successful Graduates

Certified Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) school – now required by law for CDL

Who We Are

AAA School of Trucking is a family owned and operated trade school, founded in 1997. Our two campuses are located in Philadelphia, PA and Harrisburg, PA. We can train and test individuals from ANY state at our campuses, and also offer training solutions nationally to private companies and government agencies. Our staff is made up of specialists with backgrounds in transportation, management, contracts, law, and education. Our team of driving instructors is made up of vetted professionals, who are certified state CDL examiners and provide decades of experience. AAA School has a long history of serving individuals, government entities, nonprofit organizations, and private sector corporations with large and small contracts.

Why Choose AAA School of Trucking?

Why choose AAA? In summary, we are a small format family run company with 25+ years of experience, officially approved as both a school and a CDL testing organization. We are able to train and license individuals from any state and offer personal attention backed by decades of experience. We encourage applicants to do their research and see why AAA offers unique quality and results in an industry otherwise filled with many unlicensed “back alley” trainers, quota-driven chain schools, and newer “pop up” entities trying to cash in on the increased demand for drivers. We’ve been helping our students succeed, on their own terms, for a long time.

Our longstanding programs are self timed to give you the full, proper amount of training needed, and we have new starts every Monday with no waitlists. Getting your CDL safely takes more than a week, but also should not take six months either. For both students and business clients, AAA provides an individualized hands-on diploma experience identical to “On The Job” training, without cutting corners or outsourcing our services. With lifetime job placement support, in an industry in constant demand of drivers, choosing to jump start your career with AAA is a solid choice for your future.

Did you know? As of 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has rolled out a new permanent national law, for Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT), that mandates ALL new potential commercial drivers attend a properly licensed and approved CDL training school. AAA has already met and exceeded these standards since opening our doors over 25 years ago and is compliant and registered with the FMCSA ELDT. Let us help you comply with this new regulation covering all new drivers, either for yourself or your employees.

Give us a call and we'd be happy to walk you through all your questions, either as a walk in student or company in need of solutions. It's not a 800 number that just feeds to a central corporate office in some other state. You won't be redirected to a numbers focused student recruiter. Our on site staff will pick up and share our decades experience and review your goals and options and guide you to the right personal decisions.

Some of the AAA advantages:

Fully certified, licensed, and experienced for over two decades.

FMCSA Entry Level Driver Training compliant

No waiting—new classes start every week.

“On The Job” model, low student teacher ratios – Individualized training

4 week training programs.

Flexible scheduling – train without interrupting your work or personal life.

CDL testing on site and on demand by AAA (we do not outsource to state testing facilities)

AAA can train, test, and license individuals from ANY state

Additional diploma training and testing as needed at no extra cost.

No application fee, graduation fee, testing fees, or other hidden fees.

PTDI certified course materials.

Modern, job-ready equipment.

Staff made up of experienced industry veterans and state CDL examiners.

Spanish assistance available.

Funding opportunities and in-house financing.

Job placement assistance and lifetime support (local, regional and long-haul jobs always available).

Accreditation and Certifications

Certified by the State of Pennsylvania as a Third Party CDL Testing Site

Licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools

Approved CareerLink Training Provider

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Approved Training Provider

Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) Approved Training Provider

PA Department of Labor and Industry Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Approved Training Provider

Approved for the Montgomery Bill® and the Post 9/11 GI Bill®

Registered in the Federal CCR/SAM Database for Government Contracts

Certified Small Business under the U.S. Small Business Administration

Member of the National Association for Minority Truckers

Member of the Women in Trucking Association