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CDL Training
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Philadelphia & Harrisburg CDL Training Close to Home

Get trained, tested and working on the road in just 4 weeks!

Philadelphia and Harrisburg’s original and award-winning family-run CDL School since 1997, the only place for:

  • High, steady pay, immediate job openings
  • Affordable financing, easy payment plans
  • Free tuition opportunities
  • No money down
  • New classes start weekly
  • Small class sizes
  • Award-winning, family-run environment with 25+ years experience
  • $0 application, graduation or testing fees

We give you one-on-one help every step of the way, from personalized job application to lifetime placement assistance. Our industry experts & CDL examiners have helped over 15,000 graduates find successful careers!

“One of the nation’s best truck schools.”

C.R. England
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AAA Success Stories
Over 15,000 graduates earning money in new careers

I thoroughly enjoyed my training with AAA School. All of the instructors were there to help in any way possible. I would highly recommend the school to anyone hoping to obtain their CDL.

Elijah W., CDL Class A

Great program and scheduling was perfect for anyone. The instructors really show you they care about your education. Questions are encouraged and the teachers go out of their way to answer them. I’m so glad I chose AAA School of Trucking.

Janes P, CDL Class A

The school teaches everything you need to know and more. My instructor knew his stuff, and the staff was wonderful, helpful, and informative. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to AAA School.

Randy S., CDL Class A

I got the best training, and when I tested for my CDL I got it right the first time, thanks to AAA School.

Darryl G., CDL Class A

Coming into this profession I didn’t know what to expect… I gained confidence operating a large vehicle safely… my instructor was very knowledgeable and always informative when questions needed answering… I thank AAA School of Trucking and its staff for being there when I most needed them.

Malrie S., CDL Class A

Very patient instruction, and the administration is a valuable asset as well. Very good experience.

Michael S., CDL Class A

The curriculum and program as a whole are terrific. AAA School of Trucking was a great choice for me and my family. The staff is great and I felt at home here.

Basil A., CDL Class A

My experience at AAA School of Trucking was great. The staff was nice and helpful and the instructors were knowledgeable. What I liked most was the small class size. AAA School goes above and beyond for every student who attends.

Richard M., CDL Class A

I loved my experience with AAA School. I was taught in a very professional manner in class and on the driving range. I loved the small class setting, and the committed staff.

Anthony W., CDL Class A

I have nothing bad to say about this school. I had a great time learning and it was a terrific experience. I would highly recommend.

Sina E., CDL Class A

I had fun getting my CDL. The teachers are good at their jobs because they love what they do. I will definitely recommend AAA School to others.

Samuel S., CDL Class A

I truly enjoyed my experience with AAA School. The most beneficial thing was how much hands-on training I got. I feel ready for the trucking world!

Steven T., CDL Class A

AAA is the best experience in a school setting that I have enjoyed in a while. The instructors were very informative and helpful in my endeavors to obtain my CDL. AAA to me is “A” the best!

Craig A. J., CDL Class A

AAA School of Trucking is a good school. The staff is helpful and great. I really enjoyed my training here. Thanks guys!

Manuel N., CDL Class A

The classroom instructor was so understanding in answering all of my questions…Cynthia was great in helping me with my paperwork and scheduling…. The driving instructor helped me understand the ways of the road and operating the truck in just a few days! Thanks all!

Chris S., CDL Class A

The teacher was professional and fair. He was very good at explaining and showing me everything. I highly recommend AAA School of Trucking and their instructors.

Timothy T., CDL Class A

I felt welcome at AAA School of Trucking. They really paid attention to me. I’m grateful for the way I was taught and treated.

Patrick S., CDL Class B

The teachers are very knowledgeable in skills training and on the road experience. My trainers were always available on the weekends and were very patient in showing us some of the more difficult techniques. Thank you, AAA School!

Gerald K., CDL Class A

I appreciate all the help given by the instructors during my classroom and driving time. I enjoyed my time at AAA School and would recommend the school to anyone interested in getting their CDL.

Will G., CDL Class A

I had absolutely no knowledge of trucks or any driving other than my car. I was so scared when I first got in the truck but now shifting and driving feels like second nature to me. It’s clear that the school wants you to be successful not just in passing your tests, but in your long term career. I found a job right away and am so excited for my new career. Thank you!

Margaret Megan M.B., CDL Class A

Great school– from the moment you walk in the door you know you are welcomed. I loved the one-on-one training that I received. They didn’t just want to teach me to pass– they wanted to teach me so that I could make a living. Since I first started at AAA School of Trucking I have been recommending the school to everyone I know.

Brittany R., CDL Class A

Awesome experience. Very thorough teaching…the month long class flew by. I would highly recommend the program. It was a great feeling having so many job offers before I even graduated.

André J. G., CDL Class A

My employer chose AAA School of Trucking to train five of us for our CDL Class B. Even though it was a 200 mile round trip, it was worth it. Every one of the employees I met helped me in some way. I’m grateful for the time and knowledge the instructors shared with us. They are a true asset to your school.

Michael A., CDL Class B

A great training, driving, and classroom experience. The office was efficient, responsive, organized. It a pleasant place to learn eat (what neighborhood with delicious food—cheezy fries!!). Instructors’ experience love of driving came through every day. Training calm professional, supportive yet challenging. They never gave up on us in frustration—very amazing! I loved all hands student-instructor time. Super if can do it, you can. That’s for sure!

Cynthia P. of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), CDL Class A
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